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A blog about my journey in Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Dogs

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I make toys and accessories for pets and people!  The Etsy page helps support me, and I also donate to local animal shelters!  Everything is handmade by me with lots of love!
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Wellness Journey Update #1!

Hello everyone! I figured it was time for a quick wellness journey update. Things have been crazy where I live, and all over really, so I...

My Eating Disorder Journey

I am in the middle stages of my food journey, so things are still in progress, but I thought that sharing may help someone feel less...

I Can Do Hard Things, and So Can You

Hey everyone! I hope you are all staying positive and testing negative! It dawned on me that I could be sharing my wellness journey with...

Ways to Take Care of that Brain

In my last post I shared some ways to distract yourself from some of the chaos of 2020. While taking a minute to distract yourself from...


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Be sure to check out our Giving Back page for places that could use your support!  Things are tough all around which means donations slow down right when they need them to most.  Every dollar counts.


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