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2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Clothing & Jewelry

This year has been tough for small businesses all over the world, but especially here in the states where our leadership has ignored the economic crisis. I normally shop at small or local businesses during the holidays but, this year I am focusing even more on shopping small. Corporations like Amazon and Walmart have made billions in profits during the pandemic, while still paying their employees crap wages. They produce products by using questionable labor and environmental practices, which is how they can sell them at such low prices. Amazon also uses their analytics to see which products made by real small business succeed so they can reproduce them and sell them as their own. I don’t think they need any more of our hard-earned dollars.

With learning all of that I decided to make my own Small Business Gift Guide! I am featuring some of my favorite makers and artists. I had a really hard time narrowing down which businesses and artists to feature so I had to break the guide up into three separate posts, Clothing and Jewelry, Skin Care and Candles, and then Art and Pets. I follow a lot of cool business and I want to make sure you guys get to hear about as many as possible. If we do not support these guys we will lose out on a lot of cool products and ideas in lieu of mass market items.

This guide is going to feature Clothing, and Jewelry businesses. Let us dig into some holiday shopping fun!


Contour Creative, www.contourcreative.us, Based in WA

This is one of my favorite makers to purchase from! She hand carves a beautiful design into a stamp and uses that to stamp clothing items. She also takes care to source responsibly made clothes. The clothes are super soft and cozy with adorable designs. I have 5 of her pieces and I love them all! She has items for men, women and kids as well as stickers and other small items. She is incredibly talented and a kind human as well. Follow her on Instagram to see her awesome talent and her puppy, Maple! @contourcreative

Heirloom Apparel, www.heirloomapparel.co, Based in WA

Another one of my favorites! Shelby takes her beautiful art and puts it on clothes for us to enjoy. I love that a lot of her art is inspired by nature, being from Washington I love to see a beautiful mountain print. The clothing items are unisex but lean a bit on the feminine side. On top of her collection of cozy shirts she also has masks, stickers and art prints! Follow her on Instagram to see her work and the beautiful scenery around Wenatchee! @heirloom.apparel

Kiss & Stitch, www.kissandstitch.com, Based in WA

I love this shop so much! She has some of the cutest hoodies and blouses I have ever seen. It is for those who enjoy feminine clothing items. This shop has everything you will need to put together a super cute outfit, whether you are venturing out into the world or staying home. The shop even has cute shoes! Every Tuesday she releases new items so there is always something new to check out. Follow on Instagram for shop updates @kissandstitch


Hammer & Strings, www.hammer-strings.com, Based in TN

Being the daughter of a wood worker not only do I love the smell of sawdust (especially cedar), but I love the variation in the grains and colors of different types of wood. The subtle details that tell the story of the life of the tree it came from. When I discovered Hammer & Strings on Instagram I was hooked! I love how she shows off the beauty of different types of wood, no paint here! The color combinations are to die for! She also makes string art, which is another thing that I love. To buy her pieces sign up for her newsletter so you know when she is having a product launch. She uses social media (Instagram, Facebook) to sell her pieces so definitely follow here there. @hammer.and.strings

Maya Belle Jewelry, www.mayabellejewelry.com, Based in PA

I love her jewelry! She does a lot of items but her main focus is what I call remembrance jewelry, which is a beautiful concept. She will take a nose or paw print from your beloved pet and turn it into a necklace or bracelet. She also does human fingerprints, handwriting, and footprints (baby). If you want a piece of jewelry that will commemorate a special person or pet this is the lady to see! Follow her on Instagram to see her beautiful work. @mayabellejewelry

Pine Jewelry Co., www.pinejewelryco.com, Based in WA

If you are a fan of minimalist jewelry this is the shop for you! I love her beautifully simple designs. She creates items that can be worn every day, and items that will help you look fabulous on your big day! My favorites are the rings and earrings that she makes, but all of her items are amazing. She also offers personalization options to make the piece even more special. Follow her on Instagram to see new items! @pinejewelryco

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