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A Trip to the Washington Peninsula

Recently I got the opportunity to go out to the peninsula and soak up some sunshine. Getting out into nature has always helped me relieve stress and center myself, but I do not do it often enough. That is why I jumped when my Dad invited me to get away for a weekend. Most of my adventures have occurred in the Cascade mountains, I haven’t been to the Olympic mountains or the peninsula ever as an adult, so I was extra excited. My Dad spent a lot of time over there in his youth so we were both excited to experience as much as we could. This is still during COVID times so I will have to go back to fully experience these places, but it was still amazing!

We hit the Edmonds Ferry to Kingston, and then headed for Port Townsend. Port Townsend is a cute little town with a nice downtown area. I observed a few little shops and eateries I will definitely be visiting post COVID. The residential areas have homes with beautiful architecture! I love older Victorian, and country style homes, they have so much detail and personality than modern architecture. It was fun to just drive around and see all the old buildings and stop to check out the view of the water.

After that we headed for our motel in Sequim. We stayed at a cute little motel a few minutes from the John Wayne Marina, which is a beautiful place to watch the sunset. There is also a delicious restaurant there called Dockside Grill that has delicious seafood. I got the Bouillabaisse, and my Dad had the Halibut, the food was delicious, and the view was breathtaking. Many tables have a clear view of the harbor and hills across the water. I absolutely recommend eating here if you are in Sequim.

The next day we got up and headed straight for Port Angeles. After driving through Port Angeles, which is an equally cute but larger city than Port Townsend, we decided to try to find a beach. We drove on the 112 highway out past Joyce to Murdock Beach. It requires a Discovery Pass and is a short walk through the woods, maybe 4 minutes of walking, but then you pop out into a large beach. It was beautiful, and hardly any people! Tucked away to the left of the main trail is one firepit and picnic table, it was surrounded by mossy trees but still open enough to see the beach. We hung out there for a bit just soaking in the sound of the waves crashing.

Back in Sequim another restaurant you must try is Salty Girls Seafood Co, they have some of the yummiest seafood around! My Dad tried a half dozen of each of the different types of raw oysters they offer, and I had steamed clams and mussels. Even thinking about them makes me hungry. They also have a great beer selection and yummy small plates.

On our last day we decided to head for the coast. We drove on the 101 which brings you right by Lake Crescent. Holy mackerel, what a beautiful lake! The water was so calm, clear and blue it was mesmerizing. There are a few hikes around the lake that I want to do next time I visit. There are cabins that you can stay at around the lake as well.

After that we kept for the coast and ended up at Rialto Beach. We hung out and gazed at the ocean while listening to the waves crash for a while. It was quite peaceful. The ocean feels like home and it was great to make it out there. When we left the beach we headed for Forks, WA. Yes, that Forks, the one in the Twilight series. We hit up the grocery store for some lunch and decided to head up to the Hoh rainforest. Yes, rainforest, Washington state has a beautiful temperate rainforest everyone should experience. It was beautiful! The moss hanging off the trees, the size of the trees, it’s like a wonderland. There are countless things to explore in this area, and I will be going back to check some off the list.

It was a great weekend full of relaxation and nature. I felt so much lighter when I got home, so much more prepared for the week ahead. Washington is full of beautiful places; I love living here.

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