• Rachel R

Be Gentle, It's My First Time...

Hey there! Welcome to my first blog post ever! I am Rachel, your average dog walking business owner managing depression and anxiety while navigating the madness of 2020. I am from the great Pacific Northwest, Washington more specifically. In my 20’s I discovered the joy of animal care via a job at an awesome veterinary hospital and I was hooked!

As life happened, I was driven more and more to open my own business caring for animals, but at the same time my mental health was beginning to spiral. At a loss for what to do and knowing that there had to be more to life than simply existing, I finally decided to try out therapy. Therapy helped give me the tools to have the confidence and faith in myself to start my business.

My dog walking business has brought me more joy than I can even express. We began operations in 2017 and with hard work and sheer stubbornness we became successful. While I was learning more about business growth and the economy that learning expanded to include the government. I do not have any formal education on the matter, not even from high school, so I was out of touch with politics and everything that encompasses. Which brings me to why I decided to start a blog this year. I have been on a learning journey the past 2 years, and while I have so much more to learn I want to bring people on the journey with me.

My goal with this blog is to bring people in to learn from and talk to about all kinds of life things. I want to learn more about how our government works and what we can do to hold politicians accountable, but we will also learn about things like animal behavior, mindfulness practices, and whatever is going on in my world at the moment. I want to work on learning to have conversations where we disagree but hold space for each other’s opinions instead of shaming them. We have more in common with each other than we think, and I feel like if we find a way to work together we can make changes that benefit our communities and our country as a whole.

This blog will bring you current events, book and podcast recommendations, discussions with interesting people, as well as light-hearted stories about my life as a dog walker.

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