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Sarah Parker Remond: Abolitionist & Suffragist

Sarah Parker Remond was born on June 6th of 1824 in Salem, Massachusetts. She was born into a prominent family of successful entrepreneurs and businesspeople who campaigned against slavery. In 1853 she was removed from a theatre when she refused to sit in segregated seats. She ended up suing the theatre and winning.

She became a speaker for the American Anti-Slavery Society touring the US sharing stories about treatment of slaves. In 1859 Sarah travelled to Liverpool, England to begin a speaking tour aimed at convincing the people and governments to support the Union in the soon to come Civil War. While Great Britain abolished slavery in 1833, they still traded with countries who actively used slave labor, like the US. The American Anti-Slavery Society had hopes that they could use the horrific truths to garner not only support for the Union but put economic pressure on the confederacy.

Between the years of 1859 and 1861 Sarah gave 45 lectures within 17 in cities and towns in England, 3 in Scotland, and 4 in Ireland.

After the speaking tour she settled in London and enrolled in classes at the Bedford College for Women, now part of the University of London. During the US Civil War Sarah continued her education while also doing lecture tours.

After the Civil War Sarah set sail for Italy and settled in Florence. She began to attend the Santa Maria Nuovo to study medicine. By the 1880s Sarah lived and practiced medicine in Rome.

She passed away in Rome on December 13, 1894, at 70 years old.

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