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Small Business Gift Guide Part Two: Skin Care and Candles

Welcome to part two of our Small Business Gift Guide!

We hope that you checked out some of the businesses we featured in our last post. If you make a purchase from a business we feature post it on the gram and tag us and them!

Part two is all about Skin Care and Candles! Self-care is our jam, so I am extra excited to share these businesses with you all!

Skin Care:

Wild June Co., www.wildjuneco.com, Based in WA

I love everything about this business! My favorite product so far is the Warrior Salve. I often use it after a hard workout or a long workday. She makes soaps, bath soaks, scrubs, lip balms and so much more! She uses all-natural ingredients making it good for you but also gentle on the earth. I also enjoy getting a sneak peak into the process of making the products on Instagram, give her a follow! @wildjuneco

True Wild Botanics, www.truewildbotanics.com, Based in WA

This husband and wife team took their love for nature and made it into a cute little skin care business. They make some pretty sweet products! They only use natural ingredients in their formulas which I appreciate. They have a scrub, and skin oil plus some other cool stuff. Check out their website and follow them on Instagram! @truewildbotanics

The Nizhoni Soap Company, www.nizhonisoaps.com, Based in NM

This soap company is one of my favorites! It was started by a young girl and her parents and has bloomed into quite the successful business. Every soap is handmade with traditional Navajo herbs and they smell incredible! They have bar soap, car air fresheners, and liquid hand soap. Support this wonderful Indigenous owned business! Follow them on Instagram @nizhonisoap


Moth & Moon Apothecary, www.etsy.com/shop/mothmoonapothecaryus, Based in ID

I am a big believer in energy and intention, so I was excited when I discovered Moth & Moon! She creates beautiful intention candles with corresponding herbs, stones or crystals. There are a few that help cleanse negative energy, which I think we would all find useful this year. They are also aesthetically pleasing and of course smell amazing! I bought a few to help me set my intentions for 2021 and clear some of the negativity that is sticking to me from the chaos of 2020. Favorite her shop on Etsy and follow her on Instagram to stay up to date on new products! @mothandmoonapothecary

Little Barn Candle Co., www.littlebarncandleco.com, Based in WA

I love this cute little company from a cute little town in my beautiful state. The candles she makes are some of my favorites. They have great scent throw and look cute as a button! I love the mix of scents she creates, especially the holiday themed ones. All candles are made with soy wax created in the USA with cotton wicks. Soy isn’t only better for the environment, but the candles actually burn longer than with paraffin wax. Thanks to COVID she had to change how she launches and sells her candles so be sure to check out her Instagram to keep up to date. @littlebarncandleco

Love First Candle Co., www.etsy.com/shop/lovefirstcandleco, Based in FL

This little company makes my cheeky side quite happy. They have the cutest and funniest labels on their candles. You can pick the label you want and then choose the fragrance, so you have a lot of options! The candles have good scent throw as well. If this year has taught me anything it is that we need to laugh as much as possible, and these candles help with that. When I light mine it always makes me giggle. Favorite her Etsy shop and follow her on Instagram to make sure you know about any new phrases or designs she comes up with! @lovefirstcandleco

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