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Small Business Holiday Gift Guide Part Three: Artists & Pets

Welcome back for round three of our super cool Small Business Holiday Gift Guide! We hope that you have found a few new businesses to support. Small businesses are a huge driver of the economy but with the lack of action from Mitch McConnell and the senate republicans every one of them is in danger of losing all that they have worked for. They need us to step up and help them make it another few months.

Part three focuses on Artists and Pet products! These two are the biggest categories, I could not narrow it down because there are so many that I love! You will love these peeps as much as I do so check them out ASAP!


Bittersweet Canvas, www.etsy.com/shop/bittersweetcanvas, Based in WA

I love love love her work! I have purchased a few things from her, and I love each one. I would share pictures but many of the things are gifts and have to stay secret. She paints beautiful nature scenes on wood cutouts, hats, and paper, but she also has stickers and magnets. I love the Bigfoot ones so much! Check out her Etsy shop and get a peek behind the scenes by following her on Instagram. @bittersweetcanvas

GDBee, www.gdbee.store, Based in NC

Oh, Mylanta this woman is talented! I love her use of color and her overall style. I love that she embraces fantastical elements like space, dragons, and magic. Her work is aesthetically pleasing, I can just stare at her work while getting lost in a daydream. She not only sells prints but she puts her beautiful art on sticky notes, stickers, journals, and clothing. Check out her store and get lost in the beauty of her work. Keep up on new art by following her on Instagram. @gdbee

Dana Drewdles, www.etsy.com/shop/danadrewdles, Based in MA (soon CA)

This wonderful woman’s work almost always makes me giggle. She was a fellow dog walker who due to COVID also lost her business, so she started drawing hilarious and activist related “doodles” and sharing them with Instagram. Her art is a little feminist, a little Fuck Trump, and a lot amazing. She is super talented, and her art makes the world a better place. If you want some beautifully designed art that can help you remember that “Fat is not a feeling…” check out her Etsy shop to see the full range of amazingness. If you love her stuff she has a Patreon or give her a follow on Instagram! @danadrewdles

The Artistry Studio, www.theartistrystudio.net, Based in WI

I seriously love this woman’s art! I broke down and bought myself a print for small business Saturday, could not help it. I love her use of colors and how she makes the whole piece pop. I love her support for those of us with mental illness in her art. My favorite sticker so far is one that says “just breathe” with flowers, go look at it and you will see what I mean. She has also created some really cool coloring books! I love good coloring book. She is crazy talented so go check out her shop and then follow her on Instagram. @theartistrystudio

Tea Rose Illustration, www.trudiannhemans.com, Based in GA

Another artist with a wonderfully fantastical art style! I love how she uses colors, and fantastical elements to tell a story with each illustration. She also uses her art as a way to lift up women and women of color, inspiring us to accept and love ourselves. She puts so many little details in every piece I feel like I’m looking at a much prettier I Spy picture. There is so much to see and love about her work, I cannot say enough. Go check out her store and keep up to date with her work by following on Instagram! @tearoseillustration


For Mew, www.formew.com, Based in NV

My cat goes absolutely bonkers when we get a package from For Mew. It is one of the few catnips that it so pungent she can smell it through the packaging and the box. She loves the Crisps the most, but the Green Beans are a close second. For Mew makes cat toys and catnip that cats cannot resist. The fabric patterns are cute which makes humans love them too. Check out the cute toys on her website and follow her on Instagram! @formewtoys

Best Friends Bakery, www.bakerybestfriends.com, Based in FL

The cute little dog treats these ladies make are the perfect gift for your favorite furry friend. They are all natural and baked in small batches. I love the Breath Busters treats to help with that yucky doggy breath. They even have training treats! Check out their shop and spoil your pooch! Follow them on Instagram to keep up with new products. @bestfriendsbakery

Cattle Dog Cookie Co., www.cattledogcookiecompany.com, Based in WA

This cute little dog treat business is based out of my home state! I love to buy treats from smaller businesses because they are all natural and refuse to use the fillers and preservatives that a lot of corporations do. They make treats in flavors that dogs love with ingredients that humans could eat. Check out their website to see their awesome selection and follow them on Instagram to see their cute pups! @cattledogcookiecompany

Simply Sage, www.simplysagedogtreats.com, Based in GA

If you have ever had a pet with allergies you know how challenging it can be. Simply Sage is here to reduce the stress of pet allergies and skin issues. She makes all-natural balms and salves to help your pet feel more comfortable. She has items for both cats and dogs! From paw balms to shampoo bars, she has your fur-riend covered! Check out her shop and follow her on Instagram. @simplysagedogtreats

Dingus Design Co., www.dingusdesign.co, Based in DC

If you want your pet to look as cool as possible you must get them a bandana from Dingus Design Co! She makes a lot of cool, maybe a little feminist pet bandanas. Some of them even flipping light up! She is super creative with her designs, they aren’t like anyone else’s. When I get a dog they are going to have so many of her cool bandanas it will be insane. Check out her awesome shop and follow her Instagram for cute dog pics! @dingusdesignsco

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