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Wellness Update! Spring Edition 2021

Hey y’all! I figured a wellness update was overdue, so let’s dig in!

I have not done my physical measurements yet this month, but I do know that I am down 12 pounds! I have also upped my weights from 5 pounds to 8 pounds, which feels huge to me. I can tell that I am getting stronger as I go through the Beachbody programs, and it is giving me life. I have finished my last round (for now) of 21 Day Fix Extreme and have moved on to Muscle Burns Fat. I have completed the first round of MBF, and it certainly kicks my butt. I love the way the program is organized for maximum muscle gains. I am a few days into my second round of MBF, which is why I upped my weights, I want to challenge myself this time through. I am working on getting strong enough to not have to modify the movements, at least during the first set. After I complete this round of MBF I plan on moving on to Muscle Burns Fat Advanced to really kick it up a notch. One of my more active dog walking clients has also upped their walks from 2 to 5 days a week which I’m hoping will help me drop an extra pound or two a week.

I am still working on reducing my night eating, it has been a struggle. It seems I do well for a few days at a time and then I over snack for a night or two. I think those over snacking nights have been holding my weight loss back a bit. I have also been allowing myself to have some noodles with dinner and I am going to try to go more dinners without them. Looking back at my eating and drinking (water) habits in my food journal is a lot more helpful than I thought. I used to think food journaling was a waste of time but doing it has made it easier to adjust what and when I consume food. I still need to up my water game though, I have been considering buying one of those giant jugs that let you know approx. where you should be at what time. I am hoping it will help if I have a visual of the amount of water I need to get through.

I have also decided that I am going to work on loving my body as it is and to stop punishing myself for whatever size I am. I have needed new jeans for about 6 months but put off buying them because I’m not my goal size. I realized I was being a real dick to myself and at 32 I am over it. My body deserves fun clothes regardless of my body size. I have also decided that after 20 years I am going to purchase a bathing suit with plans to wear it in public. No one cares that I have a tummy, so why should I? It is time to set myself free from the crazy, illogical thoughts about my body shape.

I am about 11 days out from a road trip, so I have been planning my food and trying to find a workout to do in a hotel room. It is a struggle traveling with pre-diabetes, and I want to make it as easy on myself as possible. I have lunch figured out, and have checked out restaurants near the hotels, but breakfast is still not figured out. I am kind of picky about breakfast, but hopefully I will figure out something easy and yummy. I will also be sharing a blog post after my trip about where I went and what I ate and activities I do. I am stoked too as I will be fully vaccinated for my trip which takes some of the stress off traveling.

Well, I think that about wraps it up! Stay safe and spread kindness.

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